Is Parent Coaching Right For My Family?

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No matter what stage you are at in your parenting journey, connecting with your child and guiding them through life comes with its fair share of obstacles and triumphs. As your child grows, they will come face-to-face with new emotions and situations, giving way to behaviors you may not be familiar with. These behaviors, such as ignoring simple requests, difficulty sharing with siblings, or a general rejection of authority can become difficult to manage. If any of this resonates with you, parent coaching is an amazing resource for developing a deeper, positive connection with your child while implementing cooperative and structural strategies into your household that truly work.

For those who are still unsure if parent coaching is for them, we’ve outlined a few signs that may indicate you’re ready to work alongside a parent coach.

Top 3 Signs You Should Seek Parent Coaching Services

Below are three of the most common signs that parent coaching services may be beneficial for you and your child’s relationship.

You Are In Need of Support

If you’re a first-time parent or a parent who is looking for assistance adapting to their child’s growth, getting the support you need from an experienced parenting coach can work wonders. At Connection First Parenting, our goal is to relieve you of the stress of navigating the best way to guide and support your child through hands-on coaching. We’ll explore methods for encouraging healthy emotional regulation, addressing behavior challenges, and dispelling aggression and sibling rivalry. These topics can be difficult for parents to explore alone, but with parent coaching, all of your questions and concerns can be addressed through thoughtful guidance over the course of 8 to 12 weeks.

You Are Seeking a Personalized Plan Perfect For You

Since every child is different, reading parenting literature and applying these practices may not always be the most successful and effective route for your family. With parent coaching, you’ll have a custom plan designed to address the issues you are most concerned about. One of the most beneficial aspects of the personalized plan is the amount of time you will save. With your busy schedule, you don’t have time to perform hours of research and devise a plan that leads to substantial progress. Parent coaching services offer the information and guidance you need in a way that allows you to feasibly integrate this plan into your daily life with your child.

You Want To Develop A Connection With Your Child

Your relationship with your child is one of the most important things in both of your lives. It is entirely normal for this relationship to have bumps in the road – you and your child are both experiencing rapid changes, and this can be tough to manage! Establishing cooperation and connection can be accomplished by exploring these challenges with a parenting coach and figuring out what you and your child need to create an environment and strategy that fosters trust, respect, and an overall healthy relationship.

Looking For Parent Coaching Services From The Comfort Of Your Home? Choose Connection First Parenting

A Seattle-based parenting coach, Kirsten Jensen offers online coaching services to parents across the country. Kirsten has over a decade of experience working with families just like yours to create positive, fulfilling connections and cooperation, relieving parents of the burden of dealing with child-rearing concerns alone. Achieving balance and confidence is possible with Connection First Parenting. Call Kirsten today at (206) 383-7770 or feel free to submit your information through our contact form for a free 20-minute consultation.

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