Parent Coaching for Families
& Parents at Work

Tired of the constant battles with your kids?

It's time for a change.

Connection First Parenting provides parents with effective tools to help their kids listen without the yelling or tears. I can help you become the parent you’ve always wanted to be.

About KJ

I get it.
I've been right where you are.
Thankfully, there is hope.

Parenting is a beautiful, fulfilling journey in so many ways. But, it can also be an incredibly difficult experience to navigate without the right support. Your feelings are valid, and you deserve real guidance for getting through parenting’s toughest moments.

As a certified parenting coach, licensed family therapist, and parent myself, I understand how overwhelming and exhausting it can be to have your time and attention pulled in so many different directions. I am here to help instill a sense of calm and peace into your home, providing you with a personalized strategy for establishing a relationship full of cooperation and connection with your child.

Together, we can build resilience, joy, and confidence in your parenting and relationship with your family.

Parent guilt is real.
You don't have to go it alone.

Parent Coaching for Families

You’re exhausted. Time-outs and reward charts just don’t seem to work anymore. It’s time for a solution that finally sticks.

As a parenting coach, I will help you develop a mutually respectful relationship with your children, strengthen your bond, and instill healthy habits that lead to successful interactions at home and out in the world. 

I offer customized parent coaching packages tailored to your individual needs and requirements. We’ll work together to develop a supportive and effective plan that improves your family dynamic.

In the Workplace

Parenting is a job that never stops, even in the workplace.

When parents are struggling with their home life and have a full workload on top of that, it can lead to burnout and low productivity, which may prompt them to leave their position. It is crucial for working parents to feel appreciated, valued, and properly supported. 

By offering parenting coaching programs for your employees, you have the opportunity to create a lasting, positive effect on their lives. Not only do my programs allow parents to regain their confidence and develop healthy family dynamics, but they can also reduce turnover and increase productivity in the workplace.

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Parenting Tips

Struggling with behavioral issues? Looking to remedy sibling rivalry? Our blog is packed with helpful tips, tricks, and information that can make successful familial relationships much more accessible.

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